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WHY did we invent the candle handle?

Holding THE Candle Handle


THE Candle Handle Story

A few years ago, before THE Candle Handle existed, my wife and I had the "opportunity" to clean wax off the carpet after a service.  It took us several hours to clean the wax on that occasion.  At that time I realized that there had to be a better holder for candlelight services.  I looked at several options and couldn't find anything that suited our needs.  Sometime later a friend reminded me that "wax knows no boundaries."  There must be a better way to hold candles during services so we did some research.

What did you want in a candle holder? 

 Here are the results.

 1. You wanted the bobeche (bo - besh'), the part that catches the dripping wax, to be large enough to cover most of your hand and catch and retain the wax that drips to maximize protection and minimize uncaught drips.

The bobeche of THE Candle Handle is 3½ “ in diameter, flat in the bottom, and has a lip of about 1/4” tall. It will hold a substantial amount of wax, even if there is excess dripping. It will cover a child’s hand completely and all but very large adult hands.

2. You wanted to be able to use different sizes of candles, small to larger, and to hold both straight sided and tapered candles.

Inside the handle are four fins that are set to hold a 3/8” candle without deflecting. If your candle wiggles in the handle, it is less than 3/8” and should not be used. Larger candles can be pressed in using a counter-clockwise twist while the fins deflect. It is not recommended to try candles larger than 3/4” in diameter.

3. You wanted the handle to be comfortable for holding candles in an upright position for the length of time your service lasts.

The handle is just over 1 inch in diameter and is slightly tapered.  THE Candle Handle can comfortably rest on the thumb and forefinger while maintaining a light grip with the hand. The handle is very comfortable to hold you never need to hold a small candle.

4. You wanted the holder to be reusable and recyclable.

THE Candle Handle is designed to be sturdy enough for multiple uses. You can insert a new candle the same size or larger as the last previous use. You should never use a smaller size candle diameter than the immediate previous use. If you use one size candle from year to year, you will get many uses. (By the way, THE Candle Handle can be washed in hot water to help remove wax. BE SURE NOT TO POUR THE WAX WASH WATER DOWN ANY DRAIN!).

5. You wanted it look good, yet be inexpensive enough to be affordable in larger quantities.

What can I say? It does look good. THE Candle Handle is a great value at less than one dollar.  We will have also have red and green colors by the end of 2018. Watch for further announcements.  

6. You wanted children to be able, with the oversight of an adult, to safely use it.

When you have lit candles, make sure that children are properly supervised. Make sure that they hold THE Candle Handle firmly and as straight upright as possible.